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1. Patients easily book appointments online

You decide when you are available for your patients
Better service for your patients who prefer online booking to calling by phone
24/7, around the clock
via your profile on Doctena and / or your own website


2. New generation of online calendars

Doctena offers high usability due to its simplicity and intelligent design of the software. Doctena is build to provide or create relevant information within one click... be it an appointment, a new patient or an availability. Doctena is the ideal software for single- and multi-practices, as well for (tele-) secretaries. Doctena is continuously working on improving its software and listens to its doctors and specialists.

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3. Manage your professional
online-presence yourself

Manage the content of your profile in real time
Easy to find via search engines like Google
Works on our computer, tablet and smartphone


4. Fully automated appointment reminders and follow-up

The patients immediately receive a confirmation for the appointment as well as (a) reminder(s).
A tool to monitor absences

Convince yourself of how easily and comfortably Doctena can be used


Knowing what the patient needs

Patients can add a note to their booking where they can indicate why exactly they need the consultation. Doctena assigns the required duration, depending on the chosen
visit reason.


5. Optional features!
Support the practice processes
with out optional features

Nursing services

Optimally aligned with your Doctena calendar

Receive more information about the optional features from Doctena

Doctena demo
vereenvoudig het maken van medische afspraken
Ik ben een patiënt en ik wil een afspraak maken:
Inscription pour une démo
. Uniquement pour les professionnels de santé .
J'assure être un professionnel de la santé
Produkt Demo Anfragen
einfacher Arzttermine verwalten
Ich bestätige, dass ich ein Gesundheitsfachmann bin
Product Demo
easy mangement of medical appointments
I am a patient and want to book an appointment:
. Inscrivez vous en 1 min .
uniquement pour les professionnels de santé
*uniquement pour les cabinets utilisant Agenda Pro
Je suis un cabinet médical
Accédez aux nouveautés en 1min
*uniquement pour les cabinets utilisant Doctena Pro
Tester Médecin Référent*

Tester Réservation Last Minute*

Commander Page Personnalisée*

Activer Salle d'attente*

Activer Note interne*

Vous désirez?
Zugang zu den Neuheiten in nur 1 Minute
*Nur für Praxen, die mit Doctena Pro arbeiten
Zuständiger Arzt testen*

Last Minute Termin testen*

Persönliches Profil bestellen*

Wartezimmer aktivieren*

Interne Notiz aktivieren*

Sie wünschen?
Maak in 1 minuut kennis met de nieuwigheden
*Uitsluitend voor de praktijken die gebruikmaken van Doctena Pro
Verwijzende arts testen*

Lastminuteafspraak testen*

Gepersonaliseerde pagina bestellen*

Wachtkamer activeren*

Interne nota activeren*

Wat wilt u doen?
Access New Services in 1 min
*only for practices using Doctena Pro
Test Referrals*

Test Last Minute Availabilities*

Order Branded Page*

Activate Waiting Room*

Activate Intenal Notes*

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